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Professor Cynthia Brannvall for Black Heritage Month - Shared screen with speaker view
Rick Edwards
To be clear, we will NOT grant access unless we can see your First AND Last name.
Janie Garcia
And the importance of duality and intersectionality. Negro and American. Trans and Gay or Lesbian and Queer. Large Bodied and Beautiful.
Janie Garcia
We welcome questions from guests. Please raise your hand, which you can find in Reactions. If you are on the phone, please use *9
Erin Ortiz
brannvallcynthia@fhda.edu lankfordscott@fhda.edu
Erin Ortiz
Pls join us:tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 19 for 2 more Black History Month events:12-1pm, You Are the New AncestorsFeaturing Brian “Heat” Hamlin - Inspirational Speaker Workshop. "You Are the New Ancestors" will ignite students to not only celebrate the historical and modern day icons that paved the way before them, but also challenge them to add their own unique stories of accomplishment, overcoming and social advocacy future generations will too be able to seek strength and inspiration from! Zoom from foothill.edu/events
Erin Ortiz
1:30–2:30 p.m., Transfer Options to 4-year Universities, including HBCUsFeaturing FC Counselor Cleve Freeman! Transferring to a college or university requires patience, research, and hard work. In this presentation, students will learn about their options for transferring to 4-year universities, including HBCUs. Students will also learn about the resources, activities, and services to assist them on their transfer journey. Our Transfer Center team is here to help! For Zoom access, please RSVP with your first and last name and Foothill student ID to the Transfer Center at (fhtransfercenter@fhda.edu). Students will be emailed the Zoom link on the day before the presentation.
Janie Garcia
Carol Walker
Janie Garcia
Sorry- I was not quick enough, nor were my spelling skills sufficient.
Janie Garcia
Root Division
Janie Garcia
Museum of African Diaspora
Janie Garcia
Lava Thomas
Janie Garcia
It was an applause. :)
Venicia Massey
Check out the rest of the events this month!
Venicia Massey
More Information: foothill.edu/heritage