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Summer Briefings - Shared screen with speaker view
Robert Cormia
Not at Sea Ranch! It's all the same day!
Kathryn Maurer
Congratulations Dental Hygiene students/program!!
Robert Cormia
We are now moving into phase 2 of the pandemic. Phase 1 was the first 1% infection, Phase 2 will be the next 10%. Brace yourself.
Simon Pennington
Congrats to our Dental Hygiene students and their instructors!
Donna Frankel
Wow! Congrats Dental Hygiene-much needed for our community and state!
Carlos Pacheco (He/Him/Él)
That was one of my favorite comments too, Lisa! Dr. Marc Lamont Hill said (Paraphrasing): As a member of an institution, ask yourself: what’s the story of this institution? Not what they’re telling you but what they’ve done. Story of institution is not what’s on the website, flouting diversity on it’s website, it’s progressiveness, it’s values, but how many black people are employed? How many black women are employed? What positions are they occupying? What are the policies and how do they impact black students? What kind of food is being served, that is what cultures are being reflected? That’s the story of your institution.
erin ortiz
Pls join Carlos and the FEI Fam, a lawyer from the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area and others tomorrow 12-1:30, ASFC Summer Speaker Series: Immigration Presentation & Panel-foothill.edu/events
Kevin Metcalf
That’s a great way to phrase it. :)
Hilary Gomes
Cynthia you are the best!
Janie Garcia
It’s the canary in the mine theory.
Eric Reed
Dr Bush said “we are standardizing tests and curricular but not standardizing resources"
Andre Meggerson
Thank you Cynthia, Lisa, Kurt, & Eric.
Carolyn Holcroft (she/her/hers)
W. Kamau Bell’s show last night spoke to this, too, @Eric
Christine Mangiameli
Yes, United Shades of America on CNN, W Kamal Bell is. great series!
Lené Whitley-Putz
Great discussion! So sorry I have to leave!